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Sudanese Young Leaders Support Project

The micro-grants project targeted 10 women groups based in Khartoum State, Salha-Omdurman locality, with a total budget of 40,000 euros.

Funded By Care International

Project Duration

Oct 2021 – Apr 2022

Targeted group

10 Women Group



Total Budget

40,000 Euro

The micro-grants project targeted 10 women groups based in Khartoum State, Salha-Omdurman locality. The project started with comprehensive capacity-building efforts, providing these women with administrative and vocational training. The training sessions covered essentials such as project proposal development and feasibility studies, arming participants with the knowledge and skills to turn their project ideas into actionable plans. The project also offered specialized training specific to each group's field of work, ensuring the relevance of the training to their unique projects.

Following training, we conducted one-on-one needs assessment sessions to understand each group's needs and requirements. Then, we allocated a total of 40,000 euros in financial support, aligning the funding precisely with the needs of each project. Leveraging technology, we developed a Loan Tracking System, guaranteeing transparency and accountability throughout the project's lifecycle. With this project, we continue our dedication to empowering women, fostering economic growth, and turning aspirations into achievements in Sudan.

Project components

Capacity Building: The project focuses on capacity building. We provided comprehensive administrative and vocational training to equip these women's groups with the knowledge and skills to bring their project ideas to life. These training sessions covered critical aspects such as project proposal writing and feasibility studies.

Specialized Support: To provide the most relevant and practical support, we offered technical training to each group based on their specific field of work. This tailored approach ensured that the training was directly applied to the projects.

Needs Assessment: To better understand each group's individual needs and aspirations, our team conducted one-on-one sessions. These discussions allowed us to gain deep insights into their specific requirements, helping us tailor our support and resources accordingly.

Financial Support: With a total funding pool of 40,000 euros, we worked closely with each group to align the financing with their unique project requirements. This funding was crucial, enabling these women to turn their ideas into tangible projects that benefit their communities.

Technology-Driven Monitoring: Committing to transparency and accountability, we embraced technology throughout the project. We used a loan tracking system that allowed us to closely monitor each project's progress. This system also enabled us to generate data-driven reports, empowering us to make informed decisions to support these women on their entrepreneurial journeys.

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