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Somaya Al-Sheikh and Marshmello

from Kassala State, started her work two years ago to cover her needs and increase her family's income.

(Since I was young, I was very passionate about making sweets
And at first, I didn't know how to do it
I relied on self-education and followed all the cooking programs on TV, and one by one I learned and kept applying the things I learned and watched the evaluation of the people in the house.

Until I reached the stage I thought of offering my job to the shops in the neighborhood, and I actually found great acceptance from the people of the neighborhood, and my products were quickly sold out.
After you, the demand started to increase and I was unable to buy enough raw materials to cover these requests, especially since there were needs that I did not meet in Kassala.

I participated in an inspiring entrepreneurship bazaar
Then I took a course on project management and how to conduct a feasibility study, in addition to funding from TJoint, and through them, I was able to purchase raw materials from Khartoum in quantities to cover the demand. I learned how to develop my business further with the help of my partners Aisha and Sarah.
I am happy that we are still students, we have our own business and we are able to rely on ourselves)

Somaya is one of the beneficiaries of the Syed Ahmed Al-Haj project to support small businesses, and the funding helped her to expand her project and reach a more extensive client base.

We fully believe that the wealth of nations is in sustainable local production and that the success of the economy increases production, so we work at TJoint to encourage and support producers to grow their businesses and increase their production.

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