Who are we?

T-joint for Integrated Services Co Ltd is a private limited liability company incorporated in January 2020, pursuant to section 3) 15) of the Companies Act of 2015. We work in the field of financing services, as we contribute to facilitating obtaining microfinance from its various sources by empowering the client through the necessary training to manage the project, knowing the financing requirements and the most appropriate institution for their projects, and preparing a feasibility study and evaluation to ensure payment of installments and non-default.

We create direct support programs for producers by providing vocational and administrative training and the necessary financing in the form of small, short-term loans and retrieving them through electronic payment, which helps establish good production, financial inclusion, and the spread of great impact in one region.






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Our Team

Mahmoud Khalil

Business development manager

Baraa Eisa

Operation officer

Ahmed Magdi

Technical officer

Ahmed Algarai

Follow-up officer


This is a platform to facilitate the procedures for obtaining financing from various sources of financing, sometimes the financing for micro-projects is from the company.

Based on the regulations of the Central Bank of Sudan, only the project sectors available for financing are service sectors, agricultural sectors and industrial sectors.

We facilitate access to and obtain financing from its various sources, but before that, training and qualifications are conducted for project owners. We also facilitate the payment process, marketing and sale of products.

Yes, there are many types of guarantees, third party guarantee, asset guarantee, salary certificate, group guarantees of all kinds.

Through the various payment channels that we have, such as payment via smart phones, or points of sale ... etc., they are designed specifically for each to reach different groups anywhere.