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Lina Sayed Bakery

In the beginning, I used to bake only for my family in our house, and every time I found my brothers and sisters satisfied with my baked goods

after that I baked on all occasions until I became famous in my family and relatives.

 As Eid al-Fitr approaches, Sudanese families are living in very complicated situations in order to meet the needs of Eid.
Hence the idea came to expand the project and open orders to customers. My project began to flourish, and I had a source of income for me and my family, I was able to buy my needs, and contribute to the daily expenses at home, in addition to my university expenses and my study expenses.

 Lina Sayed Suleiman from Kassala State is currently studying Communications Engineering at Kassala University in her last semester. She started her work 3 years ago and loves the kitchen, she started working as a baker in order to help her family with house expenses in addition to paying her university fees.

Lina is one of the beneficiaries of the Sayed Ahmed Al-Hajj project to support small businesses. The funding helped her expand her project and reach a more extensive client base.

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